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Kiteability banner made for PKF by Pat & Ron Dell angel Ron Dell: 15/09/1940 - 2/02/2014 angel

Ron & Keith have a good laugh at Dicky's shorts - Teston august 2012
Take a look at some of Ron's wonderful work at Teston
Bridge Country Park where he started the very popular
family-friendly kite events and ran them for many years.

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Originally Ron was accompanied by Pat, and when she passed away he still kept coming.
Latterly, we were delighted to see Tina with him, who shares his joy of kites and looked
after him so well. Tina, we will always love you for that.

Ron would have been touched by how many people came say "Farewell" - See Here

Please visit the old Kiteability website - now known as "The Teston Kite Family" site:

I hope the following words show why he is loved so much:  Kiteability Odd Odes

The GOGs have been there many times & always had fun, even when there was no wind!

August 2007 June 2008 August 2008 June 2009 August 2009 June 2010 August 2010 August 2011 August 2012 June & August 2013
Here are some more photos of Ron at other events over the years...
Kingsfold 2007 Horton Farm 2008 Gittesden 2010- 4 shots Gittesden 2011- 4 shots BKF Xmas Bash 2008 .

17th March 2015 - today we heard some happy news - one of Ron's specialty hex kites has found a new home,
well, it has gone back to the place it was meant for! Originally made for Fort Worden kite workshop in 1998.
Now it belongs to a nice lady in USA, name of Deb - also called "Kite Mother" - that would make Ron smile!

Kiteability Replica Kite

(photo by Gareth Williams)

Flying on Berck Plage
in memory of Ron Dell

More Berck photos HERE

It was made in 2009 by
Paul and Helene Morgan
to the original design

Janet Arfman owns it
(Kent Kite Fliers)

A cherished photo of Ron at Teston in 2012 - and the very special kite he bequeathed to Dicky & Harry
    Harry & Dicky with PKF hex kite made by Pat & Ron Dell

As you browse around the GOG website you will see Ron's cheerful face showing up at GOG events too.
We love him dearly - he always makes us smile - he is ever in our thoughts and hearts.

Keith discovered these photos taken at Petworth in 2003

and Dicky found this precious memento from Bristol 2003 - also showing his trusty Volvo!

This shot was taken at Teston in 2006, showing Ron helping with yet another kite rescue!
Whenever a kite gets stuck in that infamous "kite-eating tree" we remember Ron in this pose
Ron Dell - kite rescue Teston 2006

Here is Ron with Keith (GOG) and Jane, doing the rounds at Teston, collecting camping fees
- rumour has it that some people would hide out of sight when they heard his little hooter!

Keith, Ron & Jane

Gittesden August 2010 - a previously forgotten photo of our lovely friend - more HERE
close-up of Ron Dell looking pensive with specs in his mouth

When we gathered together in February 2014, to celebrate his life, we were asked by his family
to decorate the church "so it looks just like a fly-in" - we were proud and honoured to do this
for our dear friend - the photos are HERE

Ron at Southsea Kite Festival in 2003

This kite was made as part of a BBC Southern Ways program
- for details please

Sold at Southsea auction to raise
funds for Kings College Hospital
- for details please

Many thanks to young Alan Cosgrove for finding & sending us this blast from the past!
It looks as if Ron & Pat just received an award for "Best Stand at Basingstoke 1997"

I will always treasure this letter and the goodies that came with it...

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