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2018:- June, July, August, September, PENGUINS, October, FIREWORKS, November, December

Week 1 - 24th & 25th May 2018

Workshop room can be seen to left of main entrance.
Outdoor work area behind the main building, at right of photo.

The troops hard at work in outdoor work area (in the drizzle), dismantling old shelf units to salvage the timber

This is the garage which will have mains sockets fitted, so we can use power tools outdoors
Plenty of pallets awaiting disassembly, to re-use as rough timber!

Meanwhile one lucky chap was in the nice dry workshop, doing a little gentle painting...

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Week 4 - 14th & 15th June 2018
14th - How many blokes does it take to assemble a table saw that requires
"some minor assembly with tools provided"? (photos to follow)

15th - Nice shed session this morning, including Stew showing Martin how to make a bird box,
and Brian making his wife a planter for her birthday from some Arne recovered antique pine.

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Week 5 - 21st & 22nd June 2018
21st - On the menu for this week:- Birdboxes - The production has started!
Only took four of us to work out how they went together.

22nd - Another fine morning for The Shed. 7 chaps creating bird boxes, a drawer for toys,
a planter and the first bat box to roll off the production line (made from pallet wood).
Starting to feel like a team, with some banter, output, tea and cake.

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Week 6 - 28th & 29th June 2018
The rescue mission to RSPB Arne for unwanted timber found an imposing heap of stuff!

Nice planter made by Phil & Stew, made from the Arne timber rescue.
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Week 7 - 5th & 6th July 2018
This week we have started work on an unusual commission from Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park...
following a plan kindly emailed to us by a conservation ageny in New Zealand

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Week 8 - 12th & 13th July 2018
On Thursday we had a visit from two nice ladies from Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park
for a chat about our "Special Project" and to have a nice cuppa char and a piece of cake!

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Week 10 - 26th & 27th July 2018
We just had confirmation of the measurements from WSLAP, so plan to begin cutting out and construction this week!
Careful cutting out took longer than expected, but we are now ready to start assembly of the first 3 boxes next week.

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Week 11 - 2nd & 3rd August 2018
Hooray - completed all cutting out of parts for the first 3 boxes, and assembled No. 1

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13th August 2018 - Men's Shed deliver new storage unit to the Youth Centre at Purbeck School.
Thanks to Kevin at Bradfords for donating the timber, and Stew for organising us all.
More community projects required!

Swanage & Wareham Advertiser - September 13, 2018

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8th September 2018 - Great start to Me and My Dad at RSPB Arne, making bird boxes and bird tables.
It was great to see the kids using the tools and having a go. Facebook link
We're running every fortnight on Saturday mornings - space for a couple more.
Thanks to Phil for organising, and Aidan Sturgess and Graham for being rent-a-dads.

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11th September 2018 - Handover day for our "Special Project" at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park

We were delighted to hand over a consignment of 10 custom built nesting/breeding boxes.

Our clients were keen to find out what was going on - waiting right by the door...

This was the first cautious inspection, followed shortly by loud squawks of delight
as the colony leader "Hugo Boss" laid claim to it and warned off all rivals!

The story about the penguins was featured in the Dorset Echo on Wednesday, September 19 2018.
You can read the article online here - Penguin chicks could be born at Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Initially we contacted Places for Penguins in Wellington NZ, Facebook link who kindly gave us this link with
New Zealand Department of Conservation where we found the original nestbox plan.
After WSLAP saw our prototype, they asked for some modifications which can be seen in the Amended Plan

Fairy Penguin Videos:- Forest & Bird PfP Project + PfP Newest Members + Auckland Zoo + MORE ON YOUTUBE

Slide show of more photos, with nest boxes now painted by local schoolchildren CLICK HERE
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4th October 2018 - Phil S makes the first cuts with our spanking new band saw
and a short time later we have the first prototype folding candle holder!

26th October 2018 - We completed the second prototype for the Chistmas Fair items yesterday.
It provided a lot of learning, like the importance of measuring, the need to really look at an instruction diagram
to work out what is inside and what is outside plus the need for a belt sander in the tool kit.

How much do you reckon we could charge for these (they will get painted)?

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1st November 2018 - The Lathe has turned! Aidan's first masterpiece

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Wareham Fireworks Spectacular - Visit Their Website
at Wareham Rugby ground on Friday 2nd November 6:00-9:00pm
The wonderful folks of Wareham Wednesdays Facebook link offered us the chance to have a gazebo
and advertise the Shed at this event - lots of people came for a chat & found out more about us!

We managed to photograph some of the terrific fireworks - CLICK HERE for a 20 second slide show

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3rd November 2018 - Fun at Me and My Dad at RSPB Arne this morning.
Reindeers, snowmen and putting up some of the bird boxes we've made before

15th November 2018 - We had a fun lunchtime with Poole Men's Shed members today, playing skittles at the Clay Pipe pub at Organford. Honours were even, with our Phil S scoring the highest male score and my wife, Karin getting 2nd highest female and Poole Shedders claiming the other two accolades. It was a convivial atmosphere and there was talk of making it an annual event!
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Purbeck Connect Christmas Fayre
Date: 1st December 2018 ... Venue: Wareham Town Hall ... Times: 10:00am - 12:00 noon
Despite persistent rain, we had a steady stream of customers and sold a good bit of our stock for over £200!

Some items are still for sale, on display in Not Just Sundaes, South Street WEBSITE

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The Westgate Christmas Party - 2:00pm Sunday 2nd December 2018
Our man Aidan has been very busy building Santa's Sleigh - wise man leaving the decorations to his Missus!
This was a wonderful social event for the families in Wareham's newest homes. There was hot mulled wine,
mince pies, lucky dip, tombola, "Water into Wine" and we were entertained by handbell ringers and
Angel Voices, who combined to a glorious finale with everybody joining in for "The Twelve Days of Christmas"


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