Jolly Up 22: April 28-29 2018
JU23: August 4-5 details HERE

Gits Attending: Most of them!

Some of us could not wait for the weekend, and arrived on Thursday!

It looks as if the Gits managed to avoid any strenuous exercise erecting the big marquee

Well done all - we thought it best if we stayed out of the way while the experts did their stuff!
The artistic ceiling canopy was much admired!

Friday night was PIZZA Night - thanks to sterling efforts by Roy and Jess!

As night fell, along with the level in the gin bottles, a dark obsession was revealed...

Saturday afternoon, just before tea-time, more blind taste tests!

Results of the blind gin tasting:- 1st place Roku (you should see the bottle!)
2. Bulldog - 3. Hortus (Lidl) - 4. Oliver Cromwell (Aldi) - 5. Jawbox - 6. Whitley Neill (shocker!)

Blimey - you'd have thought they had had enough - but no....

and then there was cake to help soak up all that gin....

then there was the BBQ...

Then there was the auction...

After that it all got a bit silly... First there was pig racing...

Then it was back to the Git Gazebo, more gin, and some very strange goings-on...

It was a wet and cold weekend, but Mike Liversedge's photos show some brave souls got kites up!

Sunday morning - just time for an arty shot, and A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Roy and his team

Sunday afternoon - After nearly 2 weeks parked up on a soggy field, Keith needed tugging off

Jolly Up 23: August 4-5 2018

Thursday - Likely to see some Early Bird arrivals on site...
or maybe some left over hippies from Gittesden...

Friday - For those who don't cook on site, or don't fancy a breakfast bun from the Field Chef,
there is always the Stag & Hounds Harvester, Winchester Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 6HN

Friday evening food will be Pie, Mash peas and gravy
We hope our friend from Holland enjoyed it! A Big Grumpy Welcome to Dick Toonen

Dick also introduced the Brit Gits to the quaint Dutch habit of getting oiled... eh?

"Nobody knew just what it was - and nobody ever will"... Nozem Oil

Neil Lover brought along some familiar looking banners... Oz DNA? And is that a new drumbox perchance?

Saturday - Linda Nicholls' dogs, Jack and Raven really appreciated the swimming pool!

Cakes for sale in the marquee - all for a good cause,
to help the Labrador she's trying to rescue from Turkey.
Rescue Bagheera from Turkey - Justgiving Link

We are getting some button badges made in memory of our good friend Gayle
CBP has asked that any donations for these badges go to an animal charity
- and he was delighted when I told him about the Bagheera Appeal!

Sunday - The morning after the night before - marquee and pool still intact!

Sunday afternoon - the gazebos came down, the ool emptied, and trying to remember where it all fits in...

Neil Lover took so many great photos and video clips, that I will have to make up a new web page for them!
Here is another of one of his great kites - Commentators with the Decorators

Neil Lover took some splendid video clips - this one is my favourite - Facebook Video Link HERE
or if you do not use Facebook, we have downloaded it for you here...

Facebook Photo Albums:- Arthur Dibble

Some people seemed reluctant to go home... Chris Parfitt took this lovely shot on Monday at sunset...

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